We give things
the right shape

What we do?

we provide support

Project engineers

assigned to comprehensive customer service

Reverse engineering specialists

who measure parts, also using a 3D scanner

Design engineers

at the design stage, material selection and documentation verification


in developing the optimal production process

Our products

Parts of production lines

  • bottling lines
  • metering lines
  • packaging lines
  • charging lines
  • transport lines
  • PCV
Parts of production lines: bottling lines, metering lines, packaging lines, charging lines, transport lines, PCV

Tools and equipment

  • pressure - forming
  • shearing
  • jigs
  • check meters
Tools and equipment: pressure - forming, shearing, jigs, check meters

Machinery and equipment

  • plate parts
  • rotary parts
  • cam parts
  • forming parts
  • body stub
Machinery and equipment: plate parts, rotary parts, cam parts, forming parts, body stub