precise CNC machining


a company with 60 years of history

What we do?

we provide services

precise CNC machining
reverse engineering
with a 3D scanner and CMMs
implementing new products preparation of new tools and modification of machines
control of manufactured elements surface roughness, dimensions, hardness
customer service project engineers seconded to individual customers
production of parts and tools based on the documentation provided or developed by our design department
repairs and automation of production lines

Who we are?

a company with 60 years of history

Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk is a company with a stable market position. As a supplier, we listen to the needs of our customers and actively respond to them.  As an employer, we care about employee development and training. We are a reliable partner for our suppliers. All this supported by the experience and commitment of our crew means that we can boast of being a leader in our industry.

Precise CNC machining. Repairs and automation of production lines. Implementing new products, tools and machines modification. Reverse engineering.

What matters for us


We are constantly raising the crossbar exceeding the borders. The best things do not happen by accident.


We are involved in each project.
Our employees have an impact on everything that is happening in their environment. They are characterized by their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience.


We have cutting-edge technologies of machining and high quality measurement devices.


Ready-made solutions? It’s not for us! Our potential is mainly created by people.


Our hallmarks are reliability and precision. We guarantee our customers high quality service.


A well-organized team of professionals together pursue the objectives of the company, ensure professional development, good working atmosphere and a stable future.

We take care of every detail

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62-080 Tarnowo Podgorne



tel: +48 61 868 95 04
fax: +48 61 868 49 62


NIP: 7792365659
REGON: 301244031
KRS: 0000339243
BDO: 000120022

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